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“Full of mystery, hidden magic, a lovable and heroic raven, found family, friendship, possible romance, action and adventure “Vanished” was an outstanding series debut!
I absolutely cannot wait to see what Nicole McKeon has in store for the next installment!”

- Tara Kat

“The Laws of Founding is a powerful debut novel just begging for a sequel. If you like well-crafted characters, breathtaking adventures and mystical realms, this is a great read”

- Frank Booker

“This was such an enjoyable read! You easily fall in love with the characters. The world building was beautiful and easy to get into. There’s no cliffhanger but there are some loose threads at the end that will lead into an exciting series that I can’t wait to read the rest of.
Highly recommend!”

- Rachel Burdick

“This was so well written. I just devoured this and I could not put it down once things got moving. The world-building was interesting; this is a gaslight fantasy with dwarves, elves, and magic. It has charming humor and witty banter. The main character and the secondary ones are delightful. I honestly cannot wait to see what happens next. I have so many questions lingering after this book that I need to know, so I hope the next one comes out soon!”

- K Mart Vet

“This third book in Nicole's Founding Trilogy really delivers the goods! I'm halfway through and find it hard to put down, the pages fly by as I get wrapped up in following the story!”

- Dennis Dunbar

“I loved the first book, but this one was amazing. I devoured it in one day. Gwen is an incredible female lead and the side characters are just as strong. If you love Sherlock Holmes esq mystery, witches, vampires, dwarves fae and elves and a lead with nifty gadgets. Then this is for you. Excited for book 3!”

- Linda Ramirez

“The sequel to Vanished is even better than the first. How exciting the happenings and characters are! There are some surprises and the plot is well thought out. Gwen is a very remarkable woman, strong and capable. Very well written story!! I highly recommend Vanished series!”

- Minna Palm Crabtree

“This book is AMAZING! I just love Gwen! This series just gets better and better! One of my all time favorites! Can’t wait for book 3 and the surprises it has!! Hard to put this book down! Highly recommend!

- Heather Mylek


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