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You Don't Own Your Ebooks: Digital Rights Management and Why Buying Direct is Better for Readers

I can feel your panic after reading that headline. I felt the same way.

Dread is sliding like ice down your spine as you think, I don't own my ebooks?

Unfortunately, in most cases, you don't.

When you purchase from platforms like Kindle or Apple Books, you aren't actually buying the book, you're licensing the right to read it using the approved device for as long as you have connected account.

This falls under the umbrella of Digital Rights Management, or DRM.

Picture DRM as the guard dog of the digital realm, protecting authors from pirates and making sure only the people who purchased the license have the right to access the content.

It's more like leasing a book with invisible strings attached than owning it outright. These digital handcuffs mean no sharing, no lending, and definitely no passing that gripping thriller on to your bestie.

It also means that if the platform decides to restrict or remove your access to those books, for whatever reason, you have no recourse.

The good news is that, in most cases, when you buy directly from authors who self fulfill, you're essentially saying goodbye to DRM headaches. You own that copy of your ebook, just like you own your physical book. 

In this age of licensing and digital rights management where platforms like Amazon control your access to the content YOU paid for, buying direct from authors is a little act of literary rebellion.

Here are a few benefits to buying direct:

1. DRM-Free Bliss: Direct purchases mean a DRM-free copy of the book. No more compatibility issues or digital handcuffs – it's your book, and you can access it on any device you choose.

2. Supporting the Literary Wizards: Buying directly from authors puts more money in their pockets, which helps them support themselves so they can keep creating the stories you love.

3. Exclusive Bookish Treats: Some direct purchases even come with bonus goodies – think exclusive content, special formatting or art, or even a personal note from the author. It's like getting a backstage pass to the literary concert.

4. Ownership: While platforms like Kindle offer convenience, it's crucial to acknowledge the potential risks. They reserve the right to restrict or even remove your access to DRM-protected content. So if they make a mistake, change their platform, or lose licensing rights, you could lose access to your entire ebook library and hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

Remember, each direct purchase is not just acquiring a book; it's a deliberate choice to support the literary ecosystem in a way that benefits both creators and consumers. It gives you direct ownership of the content you paid for.

That's why here, on Tower Room Publishing, we sell directly to readers. You deserve to OWN the copies you've paid for, whether that's an ebook or an audiobook.

Happy reading, and may your literary adventures be DRM-free and full of joy! 📚✨

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