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Bedeviled: Book 4 of the Gwen St. James Affair

Bedeviled: Book 4 of the Gwen St. James Affair

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How is one supposed to fight invading monsters when one's life is falling apart?

Monsters couldn’t have chosen a worse time to invade New London. Lady Gwen is busy with headstrong teenagers, a confusing love triangle, and a sister who refuses to speak to her. She has no time for vampires and werewolves.

Worse, no one will believe her warnings about the impending faerie invasion… not even the fae refugees hiding in the city.

With the full moon only days away and no answers in sight, Gwen will be forced to ally with the two most dangerous factions in New London. Can the Underground and the Witches work with Gwen to save the city, or will they destroy each other before the faeries have the chance to invade?

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