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Bedeviled Paperback

Bedeviled Paperback

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This paperback copy of Bedeviled has exclusive new formatting details that can only be found on

After years of searching, Lady Gwen finally has a chance to find her missing sister and heal her wounded heart. All she must do is work a dangerous spell that punches a hole through the wall separating the mortal world from the Sunset Lands.

Before Gwen can decipher the spell, she discovers her youngest ward, Sam, is tangled up with the murderous leader of New London’s criminal underground. With no other options, she makes a thieve’s bargain: Sam’s freedom in exchange for a high-profile burglary.

But honoring her word has unintended consequences and exposes a conspiracy that endangers everyone she cares about. With a corrupt system on one side and the Cutthroat King on the other, Gwen must walk a knife’s edge to get out alive.

Can she protect her new family and bring her sister home, or will the bargain cost more than she can pay?


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