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The Founding War Ebook: Book 3 of The Founding Trilogy

The Founding War Ebook: Book 3 of The Founding Trilogy

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Allie Chapter went from aimless college student to interdimensional cop in less than a year. Now she’s an outlaw, hunted by both sides of an oncoming war that threatens to destroy the Eververse.
As her newly discovered magic grows in strength, Allie realizes she might be the only one who can stop the war and save countless innocent lives from obliteration.
But her allies have betrayed her, and powers too large to comprehend are manipulating the battlefield, hoping to use her gifts for their own purposes.
With no one left to trust, Allie must rely on her wits and her conscience to make the ultimate decision: sacrifice her future–and maybe her life–for the greater good, or save the people she loves and let the Eververse fall.

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