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The Laws of Founding Ebook: Book 1 of The Founding Trilogy

The Laws of Founding Ebook: Book 1 of The Founding Trilogy

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Since losing her father, Allie Chapter has stumbled through life, using friends, books, and alcohol to numb the pain. When she wakes up in the wrong world and gets kidnapped by supernatural forces, everything changes. Allie learns she is a Walker, blessed–or cursed–with the power to travel between different versions of Earth.

Allie must rely on Ronan, her devastatingly handsome mentor, to guide her through magical worlds she’s only dreamed of, and teach her the Laws that govern all Walkers–Laws she must not break at any cost.

But a failed assassination attempt turns her dream into a nightmare. The Eververse is full of danger, and whoever wants her dead may also be behind her father’s accident. As she searches for answers, Allie must decide what makes breaking the Laws worthwhile: love, or revenge?

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